Por-Bar Farms

About Us

Authentic Sustainable - “Beyond Organic”

Featuring heirloom fruits, vegetables, herbs & flowers grown year-round

Season extension via raised beds, row cover & high-tunnels

Earth-friendly philosophies and methods strictly practiced

Por-Bar Farms is an authentic sustainable farm offering fresh, local produce, herbs and flowers.

Our year-round operation features heirloom varieties grown in raised beds within high tunnels.

We strictly follow organic and eco-friendly growing practices. For example, soil block seedling/plant starting in our greenhouse eliminates the use of plastic tray inserts. Hand mixed soils incorporating our farm vegetation compost and coco coir fiber replaces non-sustainable peat moss.

Additionally, intensive crop rotation, Integrated Pest Management techniques and green manure cover crops provide natural nourishment and healthy organic matter replenishment to our soil.

We also dedicate portions of our farm toward maintaining native species habitats.

CABO is a Fresh, Pure, Local Food Certification Procedure whereby the produce grown by the grower is verified fresh, local, and sustainable by the grower's own customers.

The grower's fields, barns, greenhouses and processing facilities are open to the grower's customers for inspection at any time. It is a simple process for the customers to certify their own food source, and lend credibility to a grower who may choose to focus on growing food for our tables, and not on costly, time consuming, traditional "organic" certification. It is the only Free Certification program available to distinguish grower's products as Fresh, Pure, Local, or Traditionally Processed Foods which are grown for superior nutrition for the consumption by local people.

CABO is a new way in which the future of food shall be grown, processed, delivered and consumed, based on the old world practice of "daily markets stocking seasonal foods" for delivery or pickup. Every step of this process will be checked by the consumer of this food with their highest expectation for Safety, Pureness, Nutrition, Ecologically-Minded growing techniques, Ripeness and Nourishment. The customer decides whether their food is Certified Authentic and Local, Beyond anything newly labeled "Organic". And, the grower is rewarded with a "spirit of approval" from the people who matter most: Their own families and customers.


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